Curriculum Expectation:
Simplify numerical and polynomial expressions in one variable, and solve simple first-degree equations.

Definition of a Variable:
A letter used to represent a value that can change or vary. For example, “t” is the variable in the expression 2t + 3.


Go to the following website and work through the introductory algebraic word problem. Try to complete the word problem on you own as you follow through the steps.

Check out the clips below on how to solve equations using algebra tiles

1. Grade7Intro.wmv
2. Grade9Ex1.wmv

It is also recommended that you try the following two gizmos. You need an account to access these gizmos if you want to use one for more than 5 minutes.



1. Select level 2 and try to match equations with the same solution. You may need a piece or paper and pencil to work out the equations.

2. You can play this game by yourself or against a friend. This game can also be played at school by dividing the classroom in two teams. Have fun solving equations!

3. Print the following pages to practice solving two-step equations. The second page has answers and solutions for the worksheet.