Curriculum Expectation:
Evaluate algebraic expressions by substituting fractions, integers and decimals for the variables

Definition of a Variable:

A letter or symbol, such as “a”, “b”, or “x” that represents an unknown number.

Go to the following website and follow the steps below:
1. Click on “start”
2. Under the grade 8 column, click on the “>>” symbol across from “patterning and algebra”
3. Click on “representation of linear growing patterns”
4. Under the clips list, click on “linear growing patterns”
5. Under the activity list, click on “Rocket Rules”
6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Check out the clips below on how to solve equations using algebra tiles
1. Grade7Intro.wmv
2. Grade8Ex1or2.wmv
3. Grade8Ex2.wmv
4. Grade8Ex3.wmv

5. Grade8Ex4.wmv

1. Download, print and play the "Guess My Rule" game with a partner and improve your algebra skills.

2. Watch the explore algebra video.Then using an interactive activity, students solve algebra problems based on various scenarios of a DJ's expenses and revenues and then calculate overall profit. A print activity is provided.

3. Play the following game and choose level 2. You will solve two-step equations and match equations that have hte same solution. You may need a paper and pencil for your rough work.

4. Play this algebra game individually or with a friend and sharpen your algebra skills.