Curriculum Expectation:
Use algebraic equations with variables to represent changing quantities in relationships

Definition of a Variable:
A letter or symbol, such as “a”, “b”, or “x” that represents an unknown number.


Go to the following website and follow the steps below:
1. Click on “start”
2. Under the grade 7 column, click on the “>>” symbol across from “patterning and algebra”
3. Click on “representation of linear growing patterns”
4. Under the clips list, click on “simple linear growing patterns”

5. Under the activity list, click on “Robot Transformer

6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Check out the clips below on how to solve equations using algebra tiles and how to substitute values for variables
1. Grade7Intro.wmv
2. Grade7Ex1..wmv
3. Grade7Ex2..wmv
4. Grade7Ex3.wmv

5. Grade7Ex4.wmv


1. Play the Robot Rule Game to practice your algebra skills. You need two players and you should print off the sheet provided here: Robot Rule Game.doc

2. Try this interactive game on level one against the computer. Solve expressions and equations then move around the game board.

3. Play the following game and select level 1. Find the matching pairs by solving for x in the equations.

4. Print the following page and practice converting word problems into algebraic expressions.

5. Challenge yourself with the following game in which you discover the unknown values of shapes.