Curriculum Expectation:
Solve problems described in words or represented by linear systems of 2 variables

Definition of Variable:
A letter used to represent a value that can change or vary. For example, “t” is the variable in the expression
2t + 3.

Go to and select algebra. Choose systems of equations on the left side and click on applications and then select Betsy's example. You may also want to try substitution method and addition method under systems of equations for examples on how to solve systems.

It is also recommended that you try the following two gizmos. You need an account to access these gizmos if you want to use one for more than 5 minutes.

2. Click on slope-intercept at the top of the gizmo. Once you have completed the gizmo, complete the assessment at the bottom of the page.


1. You can use the site below to practice some examples, or follow through the examples they give. It is recommended that you try the problem before you check the solution.

2. The following website has a variety of word problems. Try each of the questions and then click on the answer once you have finished each of the problems. If you did not get the correct anwer, review the solution given.

3. You may want to practice solving linear equations at the following website to improve your solving skills. Try level 3 of the game, where you match equations with the same solution.

4. Use the following website to solve systems of equations. On the website, you can graph the lines to find the point of intersection.